2019 Global Game Jam: 3 Weeks Later

We’re now three weeks out from the end of the 2019 Global Game Jam, and we’ve continued making regular updates to Else Return Home. This past week, we focused a lot on composing and integrating a cinematic sequence for the game’s ending. We also added more 3D models to the City to offer more to explore. Here’s some of what we’ve done this past week in more detail:


  • Integrated ending cinematic to play at the end of the game once the player has returned all objective items to the home
  • Includes sequenced camera movement, particle system effects, animations, and audio
  • Designed to offer a greater impact and sense of accomplishment upon beating the game


  • Updated City environment with new 3D models with various debris, including bottles, bricks, cinder-blocks, and boarded up windows to give a better sense of desolation and history
  • Added and expanded areas to explore in the City with more opportunities in verticality


  • Added support for Pause & Quit via dual stick controllers
  • Added support for running via dual stick controllers


  • Added colliders and marked House as Unwalkable to prevent robot pet Dorg from running through the exterior walls of the House while in the City scene

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