2019 Global Game Jam: 1 Month Later

One month later and we’ve made many updates to our Global Game Jam entry, Else Return Home! In that time, we’ve added all new environment models, new effects, cinematics, and all sorts of polish.  To see what we’ve added over the past month in more detail, take a look through our previous devlog posts and continue reading below for what we’ve done most recently.

This past week in particular, we’ve focused primarily on some features we wanted to have when we exhibit the game for Seattle Unity User Group‘s Show & Tell Mixer. This includes idle cinematics for the title screen and the ability to easily restart from in-game menus, both of which are super handy for exhibiting. The event will be hosted at Wizards of the Coast, and if you happen to be in town, we hope to see you there!

Here are some specifics on what we’ve done this past week:


  • Update title screen to show City environment with the latest models
  • After game is idle for some time in title screen, display cinematic camera movements through City environment
  • Prevent accessing the Pause Menu during mini cinematic cut-scene after returning an objective items home
  • Prevent accessing the Pause Menu during ending cinematic cut-scene after returning all objective items home
  • Add option to Pause Menu to allow player to restart the game


  • Spawn player with consistent camera rotation in Home & City environments


  • Optimized particle effect in ending cinematic to accommodate a wider range of devices
  • Fixed a transparency / ghosting issue associated with the ending cinematic particle effects


  • Cleaned up a lot of scripts, eliminating unused variables, condensing code, refactoring scripts into sub-components, and allowing re-initialization of data to handle game restart
  • Imported glyph database to eventually show images representing buttons specific to the player’s connected device for input prompts

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